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Smell Matters:
Smells present challenges to any establishment as well as the home, as the perception is that if it doesn‘t smell clean it isn’t.
Odour Solutions recognizes the importance of a delicate neutralising aroma and the need for products that actually work and at the same time are environmentally friendly.
A pleasant smell whether it be in a hotel , caravan park, units, motel, shop, rental property, the work place or home speaks volumes about the owner/operator.
The sense of smell plays a vital role in our sense of well-being and quality of life.
It can influence our mood, helps us to respond to those we meet, how long we stay in a room or an establishment. It also gives us a perception of the overall cleanliness and passion of the business or home owner.  
Ever walked into a Motel Reception and you could smell what the owners/managers were having for dinner, especially fish or cabbage? It either made you hungry or discouraged you from eating or even staying there.
Solutions: a few sprays of X-out Odour Eliminator, the odour is eliminated in 3 minutes.
X-out Odour Eliminator is safe to use around soft furnishings, pets and people is 100% organic and does not leave any residue.

      Unpleasant Odours such as:   
                                               Urinal smells
                                               Old building smells
                                               Stale carpet, rooms and buildings
                                               Aged care rooms & facilities
                                               Washrooms amenities
                                               Bathrooms & toilets in the home
                                               Motel Rooms
                                               Flats, Units, Cabins and Rental Properties
                                               Restaurants & Cafes
  All these problems can be neutralized with AirSENCE® which leaves a long lasting, sophisticated fragrance.
It will ensure that your guests have a memorable and pleasant experience. Providing you with a point of difference.
Research has shown that people recall smells with a 65% accuracy after 12 months, while the visual recall sinks to about 50% after only three months.
Our sense of smell also influences our taste and is responsible for about 75% of what we taste.
We may not be surprised to find that Hotels & Restaurants with clean & fragrant restrooms have a higher turn over in sales of food and beverages compared to Hotels & Restaurants that neglect the importance of odour control. 
Studies show that we are able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odours.
Flavours that we experience come from smell. This is why, when we have cold and our nose is blocked, most foods seem tasteless or bland. All confirming that smell does matter!


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